Dog Mess Crackdown


Carry a bag or Pick up a Fine!

RCT Plaid Cymru announced an early manifesto pledge following feedback from surveys across RCT.

A Plaid Cymru controlled Council in May will consult on introducing a new rule requiring dog walkers to carry a poop bag or other means for clearing up after their pet or face a fine.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this survey. This is a shining example of the ‘Community Driven Politics’ we deserve.

This rule would require dog walkers to provide evidence of a "means to pick up". The offence would be committed if the dog owner fails to produce such means if requested by an enforcement officer who will have the authority to question any dog walker and issue, with discretion a £75 fine if the owner is unable to show that they have the means.

Whilst most dog owners are responsible owners, the proposed new rule is designed to target the irresponsible dog owners who fail to pick up dog mess because they do not carry the means to do so. Dog mess is the most offensive, unacceptable and harmful type of litter.

Our children deserve clean playgrounds and sports pitches and we all deserve clean streets and open spaces.


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