Danny Grehan to contest Tonyrefail East

We are pleased to announce that Danny Grehan has been selected to represent Plaid Cymru in Tonyrefail East in the forthcoming council elections in May.

Danny_Grehan_small.png“I have lived in Tonyrefail for nearly 30 years, living with my wife Helen Prosser and two grown up children on High Street. As well as being an actor, I currently work for Leanne Wood in the Rhondda.

New housing developments are springing up in every empty field in Ton - nearly a thousand extra homes are on their way. Yet no consideration has been given to local infrastructure – the roads are clogging up already and it’s hard enough as it is to get a GP appointment. We need to think about what the area needs, and can accommodate.

I am committed to stand up for the people of Tonyrefail. I believe that a Plaid led council will give the people of Ton, and RCT a better managed and more accountable authority. This authority is failing us on so many issues. Plaid Cymru can make a difference. RCT needs change!”

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