Daniel Thomas and Geraint Day

Daniel_Thomas_a_Geraint_day_a_Leanne_Wood.JPGDaniel Thomas

I came to live and study in Pontypridd 27 years ago, and never left. My three children where brought up here and attended local schools.

I work as a Senior Software Developer and see the need to promote technical skills and IT education. I am also a bit of an amateur musician and have played with bands in various local venues.

I believe in developing our infrastructure and safeguarding our frontline services as well as protecting our swimming pools and other leisure facilities against cuts.

I would like to reverse the decision to close the Pontypridd library on Saturday afternoons as this is an important time for children and working adults to use. I am standing for election because I believe things should be a lot better.

Geraint Day

I am standing for election to RCT because I believe we can do better than this.

Our Town used to be regarded as the "Jewel of the Valleys" it is now just a shadow of its former glory. How many times have we been promised investment and redevelopment? We've seen plans, strategies and consultations without end. In the meantime our town centre has lost its biggest shops, the outdoor market that used to fill Market Street and surrounding areas has shrunk.

Our traffic system is jammed during much of the day, with much of the traffic heading down to Cardiff. Sardis Rd carpark has plenty of spaces and even a bridge to the Railway Station, but is never full because it closes at 7pm and motorists face having their car locked in overnight and a fine of £50 if they don't make it back in time.

If, like me, you want to see things done differently then vote for change in this election. If we continue to do the same thing we will get the same results. Ponty deserves better.


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