General Election Candiadate

Fflur Elin chosen as candiadate



Fflur elin, from Tonyrefail has been chosen as Pontypridd's candidate for the General election. 

Fflur Elin said:- 'I'm currently the President of the national Union of Students for Wales and have a track record of winning for students. I've secured rent rebates for students who had poor standards of housing and played a part in ensuring that the new higher education system in Wales is one that works for students from low income households and students who are carers.


Like many of you, I am frustrated by the impact of cuts and the lack of vision for our community. I want to make sure that our voices are being heard and that Wales doesn't suffer financially post-Brexit. 


If elected I would work tirelessly for Pontypridd and for Wales. With your support on June 8th we can show the London parties that Wales has a voice and that we can choose a better way, a new way, not driven by fear and hatred

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