Food banks


A massive thank you to all those who have answered our appeal and donated to Pontypridd Foodbank

I have dropped off the donations at Pontypridd Foodbank. Thank you so much everyone, including Loretta and Jess who also set up donation points. We will be collecting regularly from now on, as the Foodbank is playing an essential role in supporting so many people in our community.


Lockdown has put an even greater demand for this vital service, as many families struggle with the lack of free school meals at this time, and others become unemployed or taking pay cuts. For those impacted by the floods, this period is even more uncertain.

Pontypridd Foodbank has seen their usage increase 4x since the start of the lockdown. This unprecedented strain requires the help of the whole of Pontypridd. Please help support your community by donating to the Foodbank

If you’d like to set up a donation point in other streets, please get in touch.

Diolch o galon i bawb am eu rhoddion hael.

[email protected]

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