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Steve_Owen_and_Gwion_Rees_hedge_for_website.jpgSteven Owen

I am proud to have lived in Llantwit Fardre throughout my entire life. I was educated at Bryn Celynnog school, the university in Treforest and gained a masters in history from Swansea University. I'm a teaching assistant providing assistance to children who require educational help.

I also work as a part-time carer and I'm a tutor. As such, I’m pleased that Plaid Cymru will not introduce charging for home to school transport. In my spare time I work voluntarily for a museum in Barry.

Travelling across south Wales I see other areas moving ahead, while our community is left behind. We need investment in this area, and we need to bring empty shops and homes back into use. I'm passionate about our community so it pains me to see huge housing estates built on green land, against the wishes of local residents and without the necessary investment in schools, roads and health services. Plaid Cymru has also opposed the Ystrad Barwig Isaf development because of flooding concerns.

I would love to be given the opportunity to make some real, positive changes for Llantwit Fardre and RCT more generally. Vote for your local party, Plaid Cymru, on May 4th. Together let's make a difference.

Gwion Rees

I live in Efail Isaf and as a businessman I know the importance of the bottom line when it comes to budgets and making the pound go further. We all understand the pressures on council budgets and its impact on services and council tax levels. What we don’t understand is why the salaries of those at the top are so high when cuts are being made to services. RCT's Chief Executive gets a massive £142k a year – about the same as Prime Minister. The average salary for Chief Execs in Plaid led councils is nearly £22,000 less. You decide which party is on the side of the people. Plaid will cap salaries of senior council staff and reject a rise for councillors.

Plaid is proud of this community. This is why we want to clean up our streets tackle flytipping and dog fouling. As a father of two young children I also appreciate the importance of the Plaid pledge not to introduce charging for home to school transport for the under 5s.

If you want a better future for Llantwit Fardre and Efail Isaf then only the Party of Wales can deliver the change we need. We have won a majority of seats in the past and with your support on May 4th we can do it again.

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