Hawthorn by-election

e65a6f08-539c-42c3-9754-ae0040cfa597.jpgI'm Chad and I’d like to introduce myself. Our local councillor Martin Fiddler Jones has recently announced he will be stepping down sometime in the spring. This gives Plaid a fantastic opportunity to elect a councillor who will dedicate themselves to their community.

I have roots here and grew up in this area, so did my Mother, Debbie and my Grandparents, Mary and Robert. I attended Glantaff Infants, Parc Lewis and Hawthorn High School. I've lived on Ebenezer Street, Ynyslyn Road and currently on Glyn Dwr Avenue.

I've worked in all sorts of jobs, from stacking shelves at Iceland and working behind the bar at the Hawthorn Inn, to dealing with complaints at O2 to working at the National Assembly. I've worked on policy matters, especially on housing and education and have a good understanding of how important these issues are to our wellbeing and potential. I also stood for the National Assembly elections in 2016 for Pontypridd and have campaigned across Wales on a wide variety of issues.

If you would like to help us elect a new Plaid Cymru councillor, please sign up here

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