One Step Closer to Securing Justice for Flood Victims

The Plaid Cymru petition calling for an inquiry into the flooding in Rhondda Cynon Taf reached the necessary 5000 signatures and will now be considered for a debate in the Senedd.

The petition, created by Pontypridd Town Councillor and Senedd candidate Heledd Fychan, was set up to initiate a full, independent, open, and public inquiry into the 2020 flooding of homes and businesses across Rhondda Cynon Taf.

The petition was signed by just over 6,000 people (5,743 online and 275 on a paper version) and will now be discussed by the Senedd’s Petitions Committee when Senedd Member’s return from summer recess.

In response to the petition’s success, Cllr Fychan said: “I started this petition on behalf of the residents and businesses affected by the floods, to seek the answers they deserve. We must now have an urgent, quick and in-depth inquiry, so that their experiences are heard. This is essential to secure the investment needed to prevent this from happening again.

“People are living in fear every time there is heavy rainfall, and the investment to date is nowhere near adequate. With weather becoming more extreme due to the changes to our climate, we must ensure that our flood defenses are adequate as well as providing greater support to those at risk of flooding.”

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