Muni to Reopen

When the Muni closed its doors last Christmas, Pontypridd became poorer overnight. The Muni was an integral part of our community, and was enjoyed by people of all ages from across the Valleys and beyond.

There was, rightly, a public outcry and since then Plaid Councillor for Pontypridd Town, Heledd Fychan has continuously made the case for the Council to take a more proactive approach to securing the future of the Muni.

Speaking after the meeting of the RCT Cabinet Heledd said:

     "I still don't understand why RCT Council decided years ago to withdraw funding from the Muni and transfer ownership via a community asset transfer without a proper package to support it, but I'm pleased to finally see this mistake rectified today with the decision by the Cabinet to support Awen Cultural Trust's ambitious plans.

It is hoped that the Muni will at long last re-open in June 2020, with a view of securing investment to realise the plans as a whole in the coming years. It is an exciting opportunity, and one I will continue to campaign for until the plans are realised. I will also campaign to ensure that it can still be used as an important community resource, for instance as a venue for the youth club as it is now and as it was before closing, for the over 50s."


You can read more from RCT here

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