Neil Morgan selected to contest Tonyrefail West By-election


The Westminster Election provided a positive result for Plaid Cymru, with the retention of the four previously held seats, and our candidate here in the Pontypridd constituency, Fflur Elin secured an increase in vote share. The election also saw the County Councillor for Tonyrefail West elected as the Member of Parliament for the Pontypridd Constituency. It is clear that her election means a by-election will be imminent.


Will the workload and travel requirements of being an MP make it hard to also fulfil the obligations of a county councillor? We understand, from a Facebook comment that the new MP is not intending to stand down as a councillor until later in the year.

Our prospective candidate is ready and waiting to fight the election, whenever it is called. Neil Morgan, who lives in Thomastown with his wife Emma and 5 year old son, feels strongly that the residents of Tonyrefail need strong representation from a dedicated councillor, and he is eager to talk to as many in Tonyrefail as possible between now and the coming election.

Neil is a director of a consultancy firm who currently spends his time helping out in his community. He has recently become a member of Cwmlai board of governors and has co-led the work to regenerate the school’s nature garden.

Neil hopes to get the chance to work with the Plaid Cymru councillor in Tonyrefail East, Danny Grehan to give a strong voice for all the people of Tonyrefail.

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