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car fumes - Photo Credit: Ruben de Rijcke creative commons

This petition has now been submitted by Cllr Heledd Fychan to RCT. 

Thank you for your support.

We, the residents of Berw Road and nearby streets, call on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council to urgently address several issues affecting Berw Road, both historically and since the 2020 floods.

These include:

  1. Taking urgent steps to repair the White Bridge, so it can re-open to two-way traffic at the earliest possible opportunity.
  2. Identify ways to lessen air pollution and find solutions to reduce the amount of traffic on the road.
  3. Invest in traffic calming measures and safe pedestrian crossing points, to increase safety for residents.
  4. Ensure all homes that were flooded are provided with flood gates or a flood door from the money allocated to RCT Council from Welsh Government.


Every day, we have to suffer horrendous traffic, air pollution as well as dangerous conditions. We also live in constant fear of flooding. Please listen to our views and improve the safety of our community.

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  • Ayisha Phillips
    signed 2021-05-16 10:13:25 +0100
  • Mrs Esther Sowerby
    signed 2021-05-16 10:01:46 +0100
  • Ian Clarke
    signed 2021-05-16 09:51:45 +0100
  • rhiannon gray
    signed 2021-05-16 09:42:21 +0100
    Enough time has passed. Please let’s take action now.
  • rebecca wide
    signed 2021-05-16 09:33:54 +0100
  • Paul Boyce
    signed 2021-05-16 09:14:29 +0100
  • Pamela Davies
    signed 2021-05-16 09:08:40 +0100
    I don’t live on Berw Road but use it for travelling. It’s a nightmare without the White Bridge open. I really feel for people living on the road it must be horrendous for them.
  • Brychan England
    signed 2021-05-16 08:49:14 +0100
  • Colin Fenn
    signed 2021-05-16 08:39:17 +0100
    Flood report denied Ponsticill dam was opened video shows it was? Do not know of any effort to prevent it again.Repairs to bridge dragging on traffic and fumes diabolical. Health hazard, action slow, is Council asleep?
  • Nerys Davies
    signed 2021-05-16 03:28:01 +0100
  • Ruth Bartlett-Jones
    signed 2021-05-16 02:35:02 +0100
  • Helen Rose
    signed 2021-05-16 00:03:16 +0100
  • Robert Donovan
    signed 2021-05-15 23:55:50 +0100
    Pollution levels way above safe. Can’t walk along road without fear of traffic accident!!! Can’t understand why nothing being done!!! Unbelievable!!!
  • Lisa Hughes
    signed 2021-05-15 23:50:27 +0100
    My mum lives on Berw road and with the bridge being shut the traffic is dreadful, if an emergency vehicle needs to get to someone urgent they would struggle, I live in Trallwn and I find it a massive inconvenience.
  • Ben Heathcote
    signed 2021-05-15 23:31:07 +0100
  • Debra Robson
    signed 2021-05-15 23:26:14 +0100
    White bridge needs to open asap, also its not fair Berw rd taking all the traffic / pollution/ congestion etc. Its been a ridiculous length of time. It takes me anywhere between 10 and 30 mins to get to pontypridd from my home especially now with the lights remaining constantly on Ynysybwl rd at the bottom of Glyncoch. What about those residents and the pollution levels they are putting up with.
  • Tammy Jones
    signed 2021-05-15 23:08:35 +0100
  • Sian Roberts
    signed 2021-05-15 22:49:04 +0100
    Thank you for doing for Berw Road residents
  • Jayne Lacey
    signed 2021-05-15 22:42:17 +0100
  • Marianne Owens
    signed 2021-05-15 22:25:20 +0100
  • Megan Davies
    signed 2021-05-15 21:40:09 +0100
  • Claire Williams
    signed 2021-05-15 21:20:25 +0100
  • Nadean Shoemark-Spear
    signed 2021-05-15 21:15:20 +0100
  • Alison Kingsbury
    signed 2021-05-15 21:12:42 +0100
    I believe Berw Road as been hit hard by the floods and increase of traffic. Cameras that have been put up im convinced do not work. Because to cross outside my home is like playing chicken with the traffic. And I’m fit enough people cross the road to go to chemist or multi storey is scary who are elderly must be petrified.

    Accident waiting to happen in my opinion.
  • Huw Griffiths
    signed 2021-05-15 21:11:09 +0100
  • Dean Kingsbury
    signed 2021-05-15 21:05:28 +0100
  • Matthew Taylor
    signed 2021-05-15 21:01:28 +0100
  • Laura Deavall
    signed 2021-05-15 21:01:17 +0100
  • Ashley Tyers
    signed 2021-05-15 20:54:14 +0100
  • Amanda Hughes
    signed 2021-05-15 20:51:38 +0100

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