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car fumes - Photo Credit: Ruben de Rijcke creative commons

This petition has now been submitted by Cllr Heledd Fychan to RCT. 

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We, the residents of Berw Road and nearby streets, call on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council to urgently address several issues affecting Berw Road, both historically and since the 2020 floods.

These include:

  1. Taking urgent steps to repair the White Bridge, so it can re-open to two-way traffic at the earliest possible opportunity.
  2. Identify ways to lessen air pollution and find solutions to reduce the amount of traffic on the road.
  3. Invest in traffic calming measures and safe pedestrian crossing points, to increase safety for residents.
  4. Ensure all homes that were flooded are provided with flood gates or a flood door from the money allocated to RCT Council from Welsh Government.


Every day, we have to suffer horrendous traffic, air pollution as well as dangerous conditions. We also live in constant fear of flooding. Please listen to our views and improve the safety of our community.

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  • Tracey Waits
    signed 2021-05-15 20:48:40 +0100
  • Harry Agnew
    signed 2021-05-15 20:46:24 +0100
  • Lillian Agnew
    signed 2021-05-15 20:43:29 +0100
  • Rhiannon Evans
    signed 2021-05-15 20:37:08 +0100
  • Allison Davis
    signed 2021-05-15 20:33:59 +0100
  • Annamaria Bevan
    signed 2021-05-15 20:33:32 +0100
  • Linda Hoskings
    signed 2021-05-15 20:30:47 +0100
    A bypass is needed, from the A470 to Ynysybwl or Glyncoch
  • Tony Rees
    signed 2021-05-15 20:24:31 +0100
  • Jason Ramsey
    signed 2021-05-15 20:24:01 +0100
  • Darren Pittaway
    signed 2021-05-15 20:20:41 +0100
  • sonia mary smith
    signed 2021-05-15 20:16:41 +0100
    I totally agree with this petition for Berw Road.Pontypridd. The fumes from traffic using this road and especially in traffic jams, is not acceptable anymore due to the Berw bridge ( White bridge) being closed. Yours Faithfully Mrs SM Smith and Mr JP Smith.
  • Phil Williams
    signed 2021-05-15 20:13:11 +0100
  • Shirley Hughes
    signed 2021-05-15 20:11:31 +0100
  • Jasmin Hughes
    signed 2021-05-15 20:09:11 +0100
  • Rhys Griffiths
    signed 2021-05-15 19:45:30 +0100
  • Kirsty Thomas
    signed 2021-05-15 19:10:44 +0100
  • Gwyneth Davies
    signed 2021-05-15 19:02:39 +0100
  • Julie Iles
    signed 2021-05-15 19:02:05 +0100
  • Bethan Shoemark-Spear
    signed 2021-05-15 18:54:49 +0100
  • Geraint Huw Day
    published this page in Clean Air for Berw Road 2021-05-15 17:41:53 +0100

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