Plaid Cymru Announce RCT Candidates

find_your_ward_featured_image.pngPlaid Cymru will stand 55 candidates across RCT in the council elections on May the 5th.  In the Pontypridd Constituency, we will be contesting 19 seats.  If you want change on RCT the choice is clear, vote for your local Plaid Cymru candidate!


Taff Ely Candidates


Richard Reast &

Alaw Griffiths

  Dawn Wood
  Tom Rowan
  Richard Martin
  Brooke Webb
  Chris Edwards

Emma Thompson &

Ioan Bellin


Scott Bevan &

Haydn Owen

  Dafydd Roberts

Danny Grehan &

Geraint Day


Richard Grabham &

Matthew Enticott

  Carole Willis
  James Williams
  Hywel Gronow

Tony Burnell &

Amanda Ellis

  Helen Donnan
  Lindsay Doyle



You can see a full list of candidates in your ward on the RCT website here.

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