Redevelopment of Pontypridd

heledd fychan Plaid Cymru Pontypridd

Plaid Cymru Councillor for Pontypridd Town, Heledd Fychan, sought assurances at the recent meeting of RCT County Borough Council regarding the number of new jobs being created through various developments in Pontypridd.

In a question to the Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development and Housing, she asked for assurances that developments such as the Taff Vale redevelopment and the YMCA would be part of a joined up approach to the regeneration of Pontypridd. Further, she sought clarification on the number of actual new jobs due to be created and expressed concern that many would move from other parts of the town, leading to more empty offices along with the abundant retail spaces.

Responding to her question, Councillor Bevan admitted that the number of new jobs was an unknown entity, stating: "I don't have a crystal ball".

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Fychan expressed her concern over this statement as previously, hundreds of jobs had been guaranteed for Pontypridd: “After years of false starts and promises not materialising, residents are excited to see progress in the redevelopment of the town.”

“However, the local community also remains cautious and I am seeking assurances on their behalf that these hundreds of new jobs will materialise. There is a real concern that the workers who will be based on the new site are either already working in the town, and will just be moving into the new building leaving empty offices elsewhere in the town, or are already working elsewhere and will just be relocating to the town.”

“I appreciate that Councillor Bevan may not have a Crystal Ball, but I am urging him to ensure that a holistic and strategic view is taken so that the hundreds of new jobs that were promised are delivered. Pontypridd can once again become the Gateway to the Valleys, but only if a joint-up approach is taken to the development of the town as a whole”.

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