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What a Summer! Not only was the weather amazing but Pontypridd was buzzing with events, such as Parti Ponty and the Big Bite.

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Pothole Survey - UPDATE

Thank you to everyone who completed the pothole survey, and informed me of their location as well as sections of the road that needed resurfacing. I’m especially pleased to see Daren Ddu Road resurfaced after a year long campaign, along with a number of streets in Graigwen. If you know of any other potholes or roads that need attention, please do let me know.

Trees and Hedges

Following the warm weather, a number of trees and hedges have grown and many residents have contacted me with concerns that neighbours aren’t trimming them adequately thus blocking their views or causing problems in their gardens. Whilst there are some regulations that Council officers can apply to support residents, they always encourage neighbours who have concerns to speak to their neighbours and try to reach agreement. It may be helpful if all of us with a garden took the time to consider what impact our trees and hedges may be having on others, and take the necessary steps so that a more formal process can be avoided.

Town Centre - UPDATE

Work continues to progress on the old Precinct site.  Over the next few months it will start to emerge into reality. It’s been a long time coming but this could be the trigger that turns the fortunes of our town centre around if commitments are honoured.

Woodwork Block of former Coedylan School

In early August, the planning committee of RCT Council agreed to the demolition of this historic building in favour of a new building. I know that this is not the result that many residents wanted, as they wished to see the building refurbished and saved for the future. I’m sorry our campaign was unsuccesful. I would like to pay a special tribute to local resident Louise Jones, who coordinated the campaign including the petition. Now that a decision has been made however, I look forward to welcoming the new residents who will be moving into the development in the nearby future.


Many residents have been in touch over recent weeks to inform me of rubbish problems in various parts of the ward. Upon my request, Council officers have been regularly patrolling, to empty bins, clear rubbish and also check that bins aren’t being left by the kerbside on days that they shouldn’t be. If any issues remain in your street, please get in touch.


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