Real Consultation for Town Centre


Following the blows that our town centre has faced over the last few years, such as the closure of Marks and Spencer and HSBC and the demolition of the Bingo Hall, not to mention Covid and the floods of 2020, it is fantastic to see so many small, local shops opening n the town.  There really is a new, vibrant energy. 


What remains to be decided is what to do with the sites of the former Marks and Spencer and Bingo Hall.  RCT has bought the land and has plans to build a hotel on the former Bingo Hall site and demolish the Marks and Spencer building. 

The next year will decide the shape of our town centre for the next decade and we would like to see a genuine consultation process and all residents of the town and surrounding area having an opportunity to say what they would like to see happen.  Is a hotel the best option? What about an open green space, welcoming people into the town centre as a gateway?  Should that end of town be developed for more restaurants? Alfred's and the Gatto Lounge have proved that there is a market for quality bar / cafes.  These are just a few ideas—what is important is that we, the people that live in the town and nearby, have a real say on the future of our town centre.

To be clear, Plaid Cymru do not oppose the current plans just for the sake of it. But, we believe very strongly that the people of the Pontypridd area should decide the future of Pontypridd not the Cabinet of RCT.

This starts with you

They have the money but we have the people. If everyone who visits this website joins our movement, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.