Success for Campaigners as Future of Royal Glamorgan A&E has been secured

A fantastic announcement this afternoon that campaigners have won the fight to save Royal Glamorgan’s A&E.


The original decision proposed by the health board would have seen the hospital lose their consultant led 24-hour A&E department, forcing many residents to travel to neighbouring hospitals, increasing waiting times for thousands of people.

The patient safety was cited as the reason for the closure, as The Labour Welsh Government’s doctor recruitment policy had failed to ensure adequate numbers of staff to the A&E department.

The recommendation from local health bosses to maintain the A&E department is expected to be made officially in a weeks’ time.


Following the announcement, Pontypridd Senedd candidate Heledd Fychan said

I very much welcome the news that the favoured proposal is the retention of a twenty four hour consultant led A&E at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, and hope this will be agreed by the Health Board next week.

This is huge victory for local residents that are served by the A&E and I would like to thank the SRGAE campaign group, as well as the thousands of people that signed petitions, displayed posters and ribbons, and wrote to the Welsh Government, the Health Board and to local politicians. Lives will be saved because of this.

“We all know how essential this service is for our community, so I very much hope this will be supported by the Health Board at their meeting next week. It is a huge victory for local residents and the local community that have campaigned for the retention of this service. people power seems to have won the day.”


Rhondda MS Leanne Wood added

“People fought the health board and the Labour Government’s plans with great passion, commitment and determination.

To run parallel with this decision will be moves to ensure as many people are treated within their GP surgery or local minor injuries unit to ease the pressure on A&E.

“There will also be a review of how the service is running in a year’s time so we must remain vigilant and be ready to resurrect our campaigning efforts if need be.

“The Labour Government in Wales has not renounced their desire for the centralisation of hospital services – far from it. Until they do, we must be ready to fight any attempt to take our vital local health services away from our communities.”

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