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Park Lane

The biggest obstacle for many people to get to see a doctor in Tonyrefail actually lies outside of the surgery. Many people have contacted me regarding the state of Park Lane, which leads to the surgery, and I have written to the council many times. Following a meeting with the patients forum group I wrote again, but this time the council have agreed to look at the problem.

As the road is unadopted they have no duty to do anything, so it was a great day when they said that they will, at last, look at it. The surgery have said that they will be willing to contribute to the work, which makes the whole job more likely to happen. #WatchThisSpace

Drop those kerbs

I asked the council to look at three areas. Station Road was one, as it needs to be more wheelchair accessible, as does the area around the Celyn Isaf/Tylchawen Terrace junction, and Heol Tŷ Llwyd. I was told Station Road would cost too much, Heol Tŷ Llwyd will be looked at with a view to commence work next year but Tylchawen Terrace will be done! I will continue to press for Station Road to be done #2outof3AintBad

Bough Down

You don’t have to come to a PACT meeting to raise your concerns. Within a couple of weeks of asking me to act when he saw one tree dangerously hanging across a footpath where children walk every day on their way to school, the same resident witnessed the dangerous trees cut back. If YOU notice something that could be dangerous, let me know. #YourCommunity


There are many roads in Tonyrefail that need attention, but as with other things, I can’t get the council to do everything. It was therefore very pleasing to get a call saying that St. John’s Road will be re-surfaced in the next financial year. I will continue to raise concerns about other roads in need of attention such as Pretoria Road and Collwyn Street. #DeliveringBitByBit

St George’s Day Centre

The council want to close St George’s Day Centre, meaning that users will have to go to Gilfach, like the group that was forced to leave Tonyrefail Community Centre and go to Gilfach. Everything is being taken away from Tonyrefail. #GiveSomethingBack

Get Involved

As other people have done, you can take part in the debates that surround the issues raised here by going to the Plaid Tonyrefail facebook page. Like the page if you wish, but visit and have your say. Tonyrefail is YOUR community. It’s a great place with lots going for it, and it needs YOU to take an active role, whether that be by using OUR local shops, joining a group or club like the U3A, or WI, starting a new group or club for adults or children, supporting local good causes like the defibrillators group, or the skatepark group. #GetInvolved

Get in touch

If you have a question or complaint about any local matter, then please get in touch:
Phone or text – 07951 551 607

Email - [email protected]

Facebook – Tonyrefail Plaid

Twitter - @PlaidTonyrefail

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