Westminster General Election

Fflur Elin

Fflur Elin

Plaid Cymru's candidate in this Westminster Election is Fflur Elin.  Fflur comes from Tonyrefail and previously contested the seat in 2017.

Born and bred in Tonyrefail and attended Ysgol Gyfun Llanhari and both Bangor and Oxford Universities.

While at university, Fflur epresented over a 100,000 students across Wales as President of the National Union of Students for Wales.

Among her achivements, she secured rent rebates for tenants who had been moved into accommodation which was un-finished and of poor quality, and campaigned to scrap the archaic Vagrancy Act that criminalises rough sleeping.


Speaking about the upcoming election:

"Like many of you, I'm frustrated at the current state of our politics and the complete disregard Westminster shows towards Wales. I believe that the only fair way to end the current chaos is to hold a Final Say Referendum which gives people the opportunity to vote for a deal or remain. In a referendum, I will campaign for remain with passion for Wales as a confident, outward-looking European nation. This election is our chance to move on from the politics of the past."

Fflur will be standing as the only candidate from a pro-remain party in this election, as part of the unite to remain agreement. As such, there is a real chance to elect a Plaid Cymru MP in Pontypridd who will work to ensure Wales remains part of the EU.

Join lots of other 'Ponty-people' in helping get Fflur elected on December 12th click here 

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