Breathing Life into Groesfaen


Groesfaen Community Councillor, Carole Willis, is conducting a survey to see what demand there is for improving the amount of community activities are offered in the village.

Carole Willis said:

"As the community councillor for Groesfaen over the last few months I have talked to many residents who tell me that they would like to see more community events in the village. If we all work together we can transform our community.

I have approached the Pontyclun Community Council who agreed in principle to help. They have already agreed a grant to improve facilities at St David’s Church and a new sign to the park, as some residents were not aware of the playground. They may also consider other funding for other community projects.

Carole_Willis.JPGI recently met with a member of the committee of St David’s Church and was excited to hear that they are planning to install toilets and create a community space at the rear of the church. This space would be open for use by community groups for meetings and activities. We agreed that it would be a good idea to ask residents what sort of activities they would be interested in. I will be calling round to discuss this with residents soon but you are welcome to write to FREEPOST PLAID CYMRU with any thoughts you may have."

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