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Independent Review of 2020 Floods

Plaid Cymru MS for South Wales Central Heledd Fychan – who was Councillor for Pontypridd Town Ward when Storm Dennis hit in February 2020 welcomes the review. “Over two years since the devastation in 2020, not all reports into the floods have been published and residents and business owners still don’t know what happened or why, or whether their homes and businesses will be safe from flooding in the future,” she said.
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Thank you to all the people that voted for Plaid Cymru candidates across RCT. In Pontypridd we retained the seats we won in 2017 and increased the number of Plaid Cymru Town and Community Councillors. This map is taken from the Rhondda Cynon Taf Website and you can learn more about your Councillor on the RCT Website here 
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Plaid Cymru leader in RCT says their business is people ahead of council elections in May

Climate change, coal tip safety, flooding and the cost of living crisis are some of Plaid Cymru’s key focuses ahead of next month’s council elections. Pauline Jarman, has laid out what the party’s priorities would be for RCT should they take control of the council after the election on May 5. Covering a wide range of topics such as the cost of living crisis, education, coal tips and the environment, she said the first thing they’d do is look at the Covid review and how it affects children’s education which she said is a key consideration. Ms Jarman also said they’d focus on the mental health of children and the loneliness of the elderly post-pandemic. (See the original article on Wales Online here)  
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