Plaid Cymru Concerns Over Potential Job Losses at General Electric Nantgarw



Plaid Cymru has raised concerns with the Welsh Government about the impact of potential job losses at the General Electric plant in Nantgarw.

Shadow Minister for Economy, Transport and Tackling Poverty Helen Mary Jones MS said:

“Plaid Cymru has tabled a topical question in the Senedd, asking for a statement from the Minister on these possible job losses. This is a difficult time for many firms and follows the announcement by Airbus in the north of the country. While I welcome that the General Electric management are discussing with workers and trade union representatives regarding voluntary redundancy the Welsh Government will undoubtedly have to give considerable support to some workers that will leave the company.”

Rhondda Cynon Taf Councillor for Pontypridd Town, Heledd Fychan added:  

“GE Aviation is an important local employer, and this news is extremely worrying coming at a time when the local economy is already under immense pressure. We have not only been impacted by Covid-19, but we are also still in the process of trying to recover from the devastating floods that hit the area in February. It is crucial that we find ways to support GE and its employees at this time.”

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