Labour would face ‘same irreconcilable contradictions’ as Tories, Plaid Cymru warn

‘Only a total rejection of Brexit lies can fix broken Westminster politics’, Liz Saville Roberts MP

Plaid Cymru Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP will today (Saturday 21 October) issue a keynote speech to Plaid Cymru’s annual conference in Llandudno.

She will warn Keir Starmer’s Labour party that they will face the “same irreconcilable contradictions” as the Tories if they fail to reject “Brexit lies”.

Ms Saville Roberts will describe the chaos of the past few weeks as “the climax of a six-year long Brexit psychodrama”. Lies relating to Brexit were “the root of Westminster chaos”, according to Ms Saville Roberts, which “created a vacuum of accountability.”

She will say that given that trade from the UK to the EU is 16% lower than if Brexit had not happened, and that the UK economy has shrunk thanks to a 5.2% fall in GDP, and a 13.7% fall in investment, “any rational and honest politician would look at Britain’s dire economic prospects and recognise that we need a change of policy”.

Keir Starmer’s Labour Party “cannot find a backbone to state that fact”, according to the Dwyfor Meirionnydd MP.

She will reiterate her party’s call for the UK to rejoin the single market and customs union, and in the long term, for Wales to “rejoin the European family of nations – as a free, independent Cymru”.

To restore faith in politics, Ms Saville Roberts has tabled the Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill, which seeks to make lying in politics illegal. The Bill is set to receive its second reading on Friday 28 October 2022.

Liz Saville Roberts MP will say:

“What’s at the root of Westminster chaos? Lies. Brexit lies split the Tory party, who then forced communities and families to turn against each other.

“Truss’s lies about her dangerous libertarian tax plans crashed markets. Lies have created a vacuum of accountability in Westminster – and allowed talentless zealots to seize the reins of power without an inkling how to use them.

“Since that reckless referendum vote – the Tory party has decided that if you nail your Brexit Blue colours to the mast, you can get any job you like.

“That’s why I have a bill going through Parliament that would ban lying in politics. That oughtn’t be controversial. In healthcare, education, and business - sectors which clearly impact on the public interest - similar laws have already been established.”

She will continue:

“This week was the climax of a six-year long Brexit psychodrama.

“The Tory delusion pushed by reckless politicians that we can both slash trade with our nearest neighbours and grow the economy in 2016 has taken all credibility out of Westminster politics. Brexit has shrunk the UK economy by being a driving force behind a 5.2% fall in GDP, a 13.7% fall in investment and trade from the UK to the EU 16% lower than if Brexit had not happened.

“Any rational and honest politician would look at Britain’s dire economic prospects and recognise that we need a change of policy.

“Starmer and the Labour Party cannot find a backbone to state that fact.

“Brexit has broken the link between evidence and government policy. That original delusion from 2016 has now led to the downfall of four Prime Ministers.

“That delusion explains that bonkers ‘mini’ budget. Truss could name no reputable economist who supported her plans – but in our post-Brexit, post-truth public discourse – evidence is for swots. All you need in this brave new world is blind faith.

“By attaching themselves so fervently to the hard Brexit project – Labour too will face the same irreconcilable contradictions when they find themselves in office. They want to ‘make Brexit work’ – but are wholeheartedly committed to retaining massive trade barriers that stop Welsh businesses from trading freely with our nearest neighbours.

“Starmer has made it abundantly clear that a future Labour government would not countenance joining the single market or customs union. He’s committed to strengthening the horsepower of the economic crisis that’s hurtling towards us.

“Plaid Cymru believes in honest politics. Only a total rejection of the Brexit lies can fix broken Westminster politics. For the sake of our economy, we must re-join the single market and customs union.”

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