Pontypridd Town Spring News


A lot has happened in Pontypridd over the last few months, and I hope you find this newsletter informative.

Mostly it is positive news but there are also some challenges for our community.

As always if there is anything I can help you with please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.



Cllr Heledd Fychan



Over 50’s at the Muni

I’m glad to say that following the re-establishment of the Club it has been going from strength to strength . I have managed to secure further funding which gives a firm financial base for the future.


I was invited to speak at the Brownies meeting , as part of their challenge badge to mark the women's vote centenary. It was supposed to be half an hour about my role as a Councillor and women in politics, but it ended up being an hour discussing with them issues that were of interest to them and potential campaigns for Pontypridd and the wider area.

Their main concern was the environment, and there were lots of brilliant ideas which hopefully can be turned into action. So many hands were up, and they spoke and articulated their views brilliantly. In fact, they spoke far more than me which was great. Gave me a lot of hope for the future!


There has been a spate of break-ins in Pontypridd and I have been working with the police, both Upper and Lower Graigwen Neighbourhood Watches and the PACT meetings to address the problem.  If you see anything suspicious please call the police.


Female Sanitary products

Elyn Stephens - the Plaid Cllr for Ystrad proposed that Female Sanitary products be made available in schools for free. I sat on the committee that investigated this and was shocked to hear evidence from school girls who were unable to access the necessary products. As was said in the council meeting, we don’t expect schoolchildren to bring their own toilet paper so what is the difference?  I’m proud to say that the National Assembly is now funding a trial with a view to rolling out this initiative across the country.



Many thanks to those people who reported the burst sewage pipe from Lan Park Road area running through the underpass to the Bus Station. I contacted Dwr Cymru and they had engineers on site immediately to fix the problem - I know other residents also contacted Dwr Cymru, so special thanks to them.


Bad Weather - A special mention for Graigwen Stores on the hill, who when other shops ran out of bread and milk during the recent(ish) snow managed to keep enough stock for all customers.  You can’t beat your local shop!


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  • Eirion Thomas
    commented 2018-10-01 08:24:28 +0100
    Don’t live in Pontypridd any longer but Heledd a brilliant news letter xx

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