St Catherine's Car Park

"It's Time for RCT to Join the 21st Century"

Dawn Wood and Parking MeterThat is the call by Pontypridd Town Councillor, Dawn Wood.

Following the Covid Pandemic, the use of Debit and Credit Cards to pay for all items of shopping has increased dramatically.  So much so that many people no longer carry cash with them.  In most car parks throughout the country, payment can be made by either cash or card, but not in RCT.

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Ynysybwl By-Election

Ynysybwl Street SignFollowing the sudden and sad death of Plaid Cllr Tony Burnell, there will be a by-election in Ynysybwl.  You can read more about Tony here.

Community Activist and life-long resident of Ynysybwl, Paula Evans will be standing for Plaid Cymru in the by-election on 29/09/2022.  (Read more about Paula below.)

Plaid Cymru has long been active in the village having strong representation on the Community Council and on RCT County Council.  In 2022 the ward went from having one representative to two and Amanda Ellis will continue to serve as your RCT Councillor.

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RCT Council Election 2022 - Manifesto

You can download a copy of our RCT Manifesto here:



Graigwen Roads and Pavements Petition

This petition has now been submitted by Cllr Heledd Fychan to RCT. 

Thank you for your support.

Graigwen deserves better


We, the residents of Graigwen in Pontypridd, are calling on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council to urgently address a number of issues affecting Graigwen. These include:

  1. Speeding: This is an issue that affects Graigwen Hill and also streets around the various estates, particularly Mayfield Road, Whiterock Avenue, Whiterock Drive, Whiterock Close and Mayfield Road. There have been a number of collisions and animals killed, and it is only a matter of luck that we haven't suffered a fatality. We need traffic calming measures as a matter of urgency and request that the Council shares a plan with residents on how they will deliver the changes required. We also need safe crossing points in the middle of Graigwen Hill, between the houses up from the shop to Pantygraigwen and the streets opposite.
  2. Pavements: the quality of many of the pavements are dire, with many not upgraded since the estates were built. The pavements in upper Graigwen are particularly bad and need to be renewed. We request that the Council share with residents their plan for delivering the changes needed, to improve the safety of our paths.
  3. Parking: Parking on pavements and near junctions are major issues of concern, and we would like to see the Council take a more proactive approach to stop people from doing both. More double yellow lines are also needed on the hill, to stop dangerous parking and more done to stop people from parking on pavements and forcing pedestrians into the road when walking around the area.
  4. Bus service: We urgently need a review of the bus service, so that the service is improved and the route extended to the top of Graigwen and that hours are also extended. We also need bus stops that provide shelter from the rain and urge RCT Council to work with Pontypridd Town Council to improve the one on Whiterock Avenue which provides no shelter when it rains at present due to the fact that it has no sides.


Please sign to add your voice to help improve the safety and connectivity of our community.

 CLICK HERE Click here to sign the petition


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Clean Air and Traffic Calming for Berw Road

Improve safety and air-quality on Berw Road now

We, the residents of Berw Road and nearby streets, call on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council to urgently address several issues affecting Berw Road, both historically and since the 2020 floods.

These include:

  1. Taking urgent steps to repair the White Bridge, so it can re-open to two-way traffic at the earliest possible opportunity.
  2. Identify ways to lessen air pollution and find solutions to reduce the amount of traffic on the road.
  3. Invest in traffic calming measures and safe pedestrian crossing points, to increase safety for residents.
  4. Ensure all homes that were flooded are provided with flood gates or a flood door from the money allocated to RCT Council from Welsh Government.


Every day, we have to suffer horrendous traffic, air pollution as well as dangerous conditions. We also live in constant fear of flooding. Please listen to our views and improve the safety of our community.

Help the campaign, sign the petition now.

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Justice for Flood Victims

On the night of February 15th 2020 large areas of RCT were hit by Storm Dennis.


Storm Dennis was a European windstorm which, in February 2020, became one of the most intense extratropical cyclones ever recorded, reaching a minimum central pressure of 920 millibars (27.17 inches of mercury) []

Storm Dennis


Across RCT over 1,000 properties were flooded.  In the Pontypridd Constituency, residents of Pontypridd, Trefforest and Taffs Well suffered extreme flooding.

Berw Road

The damage was extensive to houses, businesses and transport infrastructure.

Car by River

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Register to vote


If you don't register, you can't vote! 

To vote in the Council Election (or any other election), you have to be on the electoral register. It's easy to register. 

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Postal Vote

postal vote

Do you like being on the winning side?


Across the country more and more people are signing up for a postal vote.

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