Carole Willis

Carole_Willis.JPGIt would be a privilege to represent the Pontyclun ward on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and to give this area a strong voice. I passionately feel that our council needs change. It’s not fair that Council Tax in this area is higher than it is in neighbouring areas such as Cardiff and Caerphilly, and yet we continue to see Labour cutting jobs and services.

It’s time that we had a council that ensures value for money and listens to the people who elects it.

We need, for example, to force the council to listen to our concerns about the plans to develop 460 houses in Cefn yr Hendy. Our services are already under pressure and the traffic on our roads is dreadful. I give my word that I will do everything in my power if elected to prevent over development. Visit the ‘Save Cefn yr Hendy’ Facebook page for more information about this development.

Thank you very much,

Carole Willis


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