Castle Ifor Bridge

Castle Ifor Bridge
In April 2018 RCT council closed the Castle Ivor road bridge in Hopkinstown for the purpose of refurbishment. This £450,000 scheme was scheduled to last approximately six months.  Following events cause by adverse weather the bridge will not be re-opened until September 2020 at the earliest. 
Residents in Hopkinstown and Pwllgwaun are negatively impacted by the lack of a pedestrian crossing over the river at this point.  In particular:

1: Elderly and disabled residents are not longer able to catch their usual buses to local amenities.  This has led to some people changing or stopping regular activities due to the long walk necessary to reach the second nearest bus stop.


2: Relatives living across the river from each other are unable to visit each other as often, leading to an increase in isolation for some people.


3: Businesses on both sides of the river have lost revenue and customers due to the long walk required to reach shops / services via the alternative route.


4: The longer walks required for elderly and disabled residents could increase likelihood of accidents and injuries especially during the icy winter conditions.


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