Save Pontypridd Post Office


Following a hugely popular campaign the Post Office re-opened - all be it with a temporary manager.

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Pontypridd's Mill Street Post Office unexpectedly closed its doors shortly after Christmas, causing concern amongst residents of the town and business alike. 

The closure was caused by the voluntary liquidation of Dennis Pounder Travel with whom the Post Office shared premises.


Plaid Cymru Councillor for Pontypridd Town - Heledd Fychan immediately contacted The Post Office who have assured her that they are looking to reopen in the Town Centre as soon as possible. 

Heledd said:

"Whilst I am relieved that The Post Office are looking to re-open as soon as possible in the Town Centre, I do not want to take anything for granted and by showing The Post Office how much this service is valued and needed by the Town we can help ensure that the service is re-established sooner rather than later."


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