Mill Street Post Office Closure


Plaid Cymru councillor for Pontypridd Town, Heledd Fychan said

"The Post Office is a vital part of the town, providing crucial services and bringing many people into Pontypridd who then visit other shops and businesses.

"I have been in contact with the Post Office and have received assurances that they are committed to ensuring a Post Office remains in Pontypridd. They are already looking at alternative premises within the town, and are keen to find a temporary solution as quickly as possible before something more permanent can be found.

"I am also saddened by the closure of Dennis Pounder Travel, which will be a loss for Pontypridd."




Rhondda Cynon Taf Council also issued the following statement late this afternoon:

swyddfa_post_mill_street.jpg"The Council is aware of the unexpected temporary closure of the Post Office in Mill Street, Pontypridd.
We would like to assure residents that the Post Office have confirmed they are working to restore services in Pontypridd as quickly as possible, and they have indicated that they are exploring alternative premises within the town.
In the meantime, the Post Office is advising residents to use the alternative local branches situated at Maesycoed, Trallwn, Treforest and Glyncoch.  We have asked the Post Office to keep us informed of developments and we will keep residents updated accordingly."





The closure notice that appeared in the window.


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Listen to Cllr Fychan here:


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